The Moto


 The Minimalist Motorcycle, 1996 Suzuki DR350 Plated Dirt Model:

I'm a big guy but didn't want a big bike, just one that can move me at 55mph all day, be comfortable enough to ride 5-8 hours daily for days on end, and carry the bare minimum amount of gear. I bought this motorcycle from a neighbor down the road for $1500 after finding it on Craigslist. I rode it home and bought new tires for it and have been improving it little by little:
  • Acerbis 4.25 Gallon Gas Tank, for increased fuel capacity/range (200+ miles).
  • Protaper Mid ATV bars, raised bars and less bend for more comfort/less fatigue.
  • Acerbis Handguards for wind protection in winter and protection for levers during a fall.
  • Seat Concepts wider seat, much more comfortable than the stock seat, good for all day riding.
  • Slipstream Windshield, to keep wind off my chest, less fatigue and chill in the winter.
  • Smaller 41 tooth rear sprocket for better cruise speed.
  • Wide foot pegs for comfort.
  • Dirtbagz Saddlebag/Rack set, 11 liters each side just right for minimalist touring.
  • Manracks rear rack to hold lightweight tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat.
  • 10W Cree Spotlights for improved night visibility.


  1. Nice bike; mine is similar. Curious about your led lights. Did you add a battery to run them?


    1. Hi Phil,
      My DR has a Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit that has a small 12V nicad battery pack and regulator/inverter installed by the previous owner.


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