Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our AZBDR Ride - Short Version

The plan was working great until the Mogollon Rim where Alexandra's KLX started to lose power so we side tracked to Star Valley a few miles east of Payson to figure out if it needed rejetting for the higher altitude or something worse. It was near dark when we checked into the Star Valley Motel, less than a block from Rim Country Powersports who did a compression check after rejetting failed to find the KLX was down to 30 psi, bad news. Good news was we decided to abort the ride in a perfect place vs getting stuck somewhere remote. I did have a tow strap but really didn’t want to use it. After debating all the possibilities we decided to call it a day. Another block away was a friendly U Haul vendor, we were loaded up and headed home in a couple hours.

Yesterday we found and the problem, the left intake valve clearance was zero, brought it into spec and it runs better than when we bought it. But, something may have caused the valve to deteriorate so we will run the moto around the local trails for a while and check the compression and valve clearance regularly for any movement before the next big ride which may be to finish the AZBDR then take on the south section of the UTBDR!

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