Monday, March 3, 2014

Lake Morena, Los Pinos Mountain, Lark Canyon Exploration

We setup camp at Lake Moreno after arriving Saturday morning and headed up Corral Canyon to explore Los Pinos Moutain. The ride up was nice, didn't see a single person and it appeared we were alone in the large expansive OHV area. We made the easy ride up to the Los Pinos peak and enjoyed the great views. I'm always amazed at the great vistas we have so close to home. San Diego can seem at times to be so crowded and yet an hour can bring you to such isolation.

The Lake Moreno campground was nearly empty for a weekend. The lake has been drained to a low level due to the drought and it's diminished size may be keeping campers away. At least this night unlike previous visits we were able to have a campfire. The night sky treated us to a near desert like clearness, with no moon blotting out the stars. We ate a pizza at the small market just outside the campgrounds and really enjoyed it, they make a nice pizza.

Sunday morning we left early for Lark Canyon, expecting to be back before the 1pm check out time at the campground. We took the Hwy94 to McCain Valley and rode up to the Sacatone Overlook, stopping along the way at the two developed campgrounds that border the OHV trails. We plan an coming back and exploring the single track here one day. The road in was in great shape and there were only a few riders out this early morning. We took the Old Hwy 80 back to Lake Morena where we packed up and headed home.

These one nighters are a lot of fun, a real escape from the daily grind. We carry the minimum gear and as long as we can find a laundry mat once every few days, could ride as far as our bikes will take us like this.

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