Sunday, March 16, 2014

Boulder Creek Rd and Sloan Canyon San Diego

Today I revisited Boulder Creek Rd and Sloan Canyon Rd with my wife on her XT225. We rode out from Chula Vista early in the morning via Proctor Valley Rd then kept to the backroads of Jamul, Rancho San Diego, Harbison Canyon, Dehesa, and Viejas, to the Viejas Grade. Then onto Boulder Creek Rd, turning towards Lake Cuyamaca at Engineers Rd. We rode back down the 79 enjoying the twisties on our dual-sports and rode Sloan Canyon on the way home. We had a small lunch there, enjoying the cool shaded area at the closed-gate at the end.

Staying off the the highways entirely today was bliss, the highest speed limit was 50 mph in a few areas and even there the traffic was moving slow so it was a no hurry day.

Boulder Creek Rd is in great condition, no problem areas at all. I did encounter a crazy deer that paralled me for a bit then decided to cross the road ahead of me.

The views and temperature were great, we couldn't ask for better riding conditions!

Sloan Canyon Rd was in great shape, appeared to have been graded after the most recent rains. I will have a short video on the ride up here shortly. We ran into a couple of wild turkeys (not the drinking kind) going in and out, they seemed very tame and were probably enjoying the 'No Hunting' signs in the area.

Sloan Canyon Rd is only about 5 miles in and dead ends at a closed gate. Hiking and bycicle riding is permitted beyond. There is a small bridge about 50 ft from the dead end that usually has a running river under it but it was dry today. I believe it is the overflow from the Loveland Reservoir upriver a mile or so. It's nice getaway if you don't have much time to spare.

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